VTD 2016 Scholarship Recipient

Naomi- Eliana Edouard is a Freshman, Math Dual- Degree Engineering major from New York. Attending Spelman was a dream that Naomi-Eliana had been preparing for since her sophomore year of high school. The Virginia T. Dowell Scholarship has helped to reduce the financial strain on her family and has allowed Naomi-Eliana to focus on her Spelman experience.

Being at Spelman has motivated and encouraged Naomi- Eliana to be actively engaged in the community through volunteer opportunities within and outside of the Spelman community. Naomi- Eliana is currently involved in Spelman’s Pre- Alumnae Council and has plans to participate in a study abroad program, become a Peer Assistant Leader during New Student Orientation as well as a Resident Advisor throughout her matriculation at Spelman. Naomi- Eliana plans to graduate from Spelman a year early with a minor in Political Science or History.