Robbie Ann Darby, C'04

Robbie Ann Darby, C’2004 is a fearless and determined “Texas born/California raised” actress and dancer turned fitness expert. With over 10 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry, she has had the opportunity to teach and train all over the Southwest and Northeast. 5 years ago she moved to New York City and has been living her dream of changing lives one RAD Experience at a time. Her work can be seen on a local and national level as she is the one and only fitness writer for

When she isn’t busy changing the physical appearance of those seeking a life change, she is off conquering her dreams. Robbie is a marathon runner, crafter of inspiring and healthy recipes that will make you feel like you are cheating, and all around super woman!

 If you are looking to merge your social and sweaty life—let Robbie plan your next event with her RAD Live! fit parties. Or, if you are not the sweaty party animal type have Robbie design you one of her one a kind online training programs. Think having your own personal workout video delivered to your inbox every single month. Gym membership for what?! Robbie Ann Darby is a also an actress and a lover of all things silly. When she isn't busy being someone else, this certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor can be found either transforming people's bodies one RAD Experience at a time or writing about it. So if you too are a lover of all things healthy and silly, You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @RADexperience and visit her website for all things RAD!